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Aloha, kind soul. & welcome.

My mission is to guide others into full, creative & authentic expression of their gifts so they can share them with the world. It is my joy to mentor others in business + life so they can bloom into prosperity in all areas.

Some might call me a writer, artist, coach, mentor, guide, lover… and truth is I am all of those things. I am someone who follows her dreams relentlessly and dives into the unknown to come out the other side more whole than before. 

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The business program that started a phenomenon... is now online!

Coaches need a few things to be successful: a desire to better the world, perseverance, strategy, and soul. We've put them all together to make this accessible to dreamers, do-ers and visionaries. Welcome to the P2P Academy online experience. 

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We are all of us born with a little letter inside us, and that only if we are true to ourselves may we be allowed to read it before we die.

- Douglas Coupland

Passion to Prosperity Academy

This Academy is the goldmine for starting your online coaching business. Dive into systems + strategy and be rooted in your heart-centered vision as you create the business of your dreams through this program.


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Rebirth Radio Podcast

A heart-expanding blog + podcast centered around the evolutionary journey of entrepreneurship + spirituality. Join incredible storytellers, passion-driven entrepreneurs and all around amazing human beings as we discuss and learn together.


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1:1 Private Coaching 

Get individualized guidance for your unique stage in your business and/or life journey. This customized mentorship meets you right where you are at. Lauren has a limited number of these spaces - so follow that nudge!


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"Lauren helps you get passed your shadows, unlock your gifts and grow your mindset... She helped me realize that my shadows were holding me in a stagnant place and that I needed to believe in my gifts and focus on them, in order to level up. I'm so glad I did this mentorship with Lauren…"

Anna L.

"Lauren's programs made the lifestyle I was dreaming of come true. I moved to my dream town, I invested more in myself and my business, and I actually started trusting the process of building a business... I've had multiple five figure months after taking her course P2P... If you feel the call in your heart for this program, you have to sign up. It will change your work, your life, and the lives of your clients!"

Melissa Moffet

"Through working with Lauren, I was able to double the price of my program and generate my first five figure month, which was just shy of $30,000… that was a big achievement for me in my business. If you are looking for better ways to serve your clients and more systems to support it on the backend, Lauren is amazing to work with and you are guaranteed to be successful and get a ton out of her programs. Thank you, Lauren!!"

Heather Lynn Barb

"I quit my 9-5 job and go full time with my coaching... that was definitely the most impactful thing that happened while working with Lauren. I also made tons of friendships in the group she runs. I dove fully into this with no hesitation... and this program (P2P) laid the groundwork to have peace, power, and alignment in my business.

I would recommend this program 100%... It's phenomenal."

Lindsay Schroeder

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