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Meet Lauren

Life Coach, Writer, Artist & Lover of Life

Hello beautiful souls! I am Lauren, it's nice to meet you on this thing we call the internet. I've been creating online since 2014, and I love it. It's one of the many ways I express love. 

In my time as an entrepreneur, I've created many businesses (almost all "successful" by societal standards) and closed most of them. Why? Alignment. Finding + forging my own path. Taking pieces of what I've learned, leaving some behind... to truly create the life of my wildest dreams.

See, I've been on this journey of what I call "authentic creation from the heart". For me, that means joyful creation from the center of that big, pounding muscle in your chest. Showing up even whens it's hard & messy. Showing parts of yourself that have been hidden for so long. And continuing to do so, not turning or running the other way.  


Because this is my way. And what I teach. An expression of love that encompasses all parts. And one that helps others, and myself, prosper. A sustainable path to wellbeing and self-love. 

Welcome to my world.


Ways to Get in Touch

Coaching Consultations: let me witness you in all your parts and hold you to your biggest visions by helping you move past stagnant places in your life, career, or business. 

The Intimacy Revolution: a podcast with honest conversations on life, career, relationships, society and more... with people we love. Also a subscription newsletter to support you on your path to becoming your most authentic & fullest self. 

My Personal BlogExperience life through my eyes. I take you through the many places I've traveled & inner and outer experiences that have shaped my life.

My Shop!!I link all my favorite things here. Take a peak to discover some hidden gems for style, traveling, home goods & more.

Lauren's Certifications & Credentials

  • B.S. Finance + Information Management CU Boulder

  • 8 years of online blogging experience

  • 5 years of online business coaching experience

  • Experience developing content marketing strategy for start-ups

  • Self-Wisdom Institute Facilitator (in-progress)

  • Art Therapy Practitioner (in-progress)

  • Advanced Intuitive Energy Reader & Healer with the Desiree Lanz School of Intuition & Energetic Arts 

  • Visual Design at General Assembly

  • Interviewed with top business + lifestyle podcasts

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