My life journey has taken many beautiful twists and turns...

Since becoming my own boss 7 years ago, I've failed and succeeded, failed and succeeded, again and again. Throughout the entrepreneurial journey, I've tried about a dozen different business models and hired business coaches, spiritual guides, somatic therapists, and so on... to learn how to make money online.

I've learned that while there are many different possible ways, there is one way that ultimately will work for you. And that is the way of the heart. Because the business journey is like the life journey in that way - a devotion to your craft becomes a devotion to you.

It wasn't until recently that I've come to the decision to focus my work + services towards not only business guidance, but also execution - myself and team offering done-for-you services that take the guesswork out of online marketing. It's not all glamorous and it will take hard work, but it is so, so worth it in the end. I'm delighted to give you the tangible tools to make your business dreams come true. 

Lauren’s Certifications & Credentials:

  • B.S. Finance + Information Management CU Boulder
  • 8 years of online blogging experience
  • 5 years of online business coaching experience
  • Experience developing content marketing strategy for start-ups
  • Self-Wisdom Institute Facilitator (in-progress)
  • Art Therapy Practitioner (in-progress)
  • Master Intuitive Energy Reader & Healer with the Desiree Lanz School of Intuition & Energetic Arts
  • Interviewed with top business + lifestyle podcasts

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